About Me

My name is Fon  – an energetic ,enthusiastic, food loving, sports minded and life loving  human being  who is now living in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

I make it a priority  to stay and live a healthy life style. I was born and raised  in the Cameroon located in Central West Africa .Growing up as a kid in our house hold having a meal with chicken or meat was a big deal , talk less of eating and drinking whatever you desire .Fish was the main source of protein-some times meat or chicken in big holidays (Christmas, New Year , Birthdays).

Additionally I started playing soccer at a very young age -3 or 4 years old  :)- played professionally right after high school for a second division club before relocating to the USA for college and the pursuit of Happiness(Knowledge, Wealth,new friends , new ideas etc…)

When I finally moved here -I was in a shock of how everything is just big – this to me and is still is some kind of heaven. Suddenly  I could  eat whatever and  whenever I wanted to, what a huge success already in the nourishment  department :-).

However it turns out not everything is natural and organic which  can cause many issues.Honestly I have never got to struggle to lose weight or know what it means to be overweight  this is something I noticed here because in Africa you will only see few overweight individuals in fact, it was a collective intelligence that these people with big stomach were wealthier-No kidding , but in my journey in this lifetime  I have come across people with such short comings, which is why I have decided before I expire from this PLANET- I’d really be happy to share and reach out to as many people as possible  who wants to live  healthy and fitness life style.

Remember what ever evolutionary path you are on,  if you want to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle is VERY Possible – your  body can do anything. But it turns out that It’s just  “YOUR BRAIN” you really  have to convince.Your body will continue to keep an accurate journal regardless of what you write down. Your diet is number 1. You can live in the gym all you want, but if you don’t eat clean you’re wasting your time.

I’m not a physical therapist or fitness and  or health instructor by profession, however with my life journey as a sports man and fitness enthusiast- I have a distinct feeling and would be able to help anyone out there with my helpful tips and videos on how to get in shape and various fitness and health goals (flat belly, weight lose etc…)

Remember the truth is always inside of you and that being said -My MAIN goals is to create an atmosphere to share and discuss Health and Fitness SOLUTIONS in my own way and in the process help other fellow human beings like ‘YOU’ get to experience their   ‘HIGHER SELF’ or ‘PURPOSE’-